Epiphany by Gaurav

An Independent Journalistic Web-series

'Epiphany by Gaurav' is an independent journalistic web-series that's all about moments of epiphany, wherein you suddenly get a deeper understanding about a certain aspect of life. At it's core, the goal of the web-series is to cover and share inspiring stories from one city at a time, in order to encourage and motivate other residents of the city to walk down a similar positive path. 
After all, the proximity of the story multiplies it's ability to inspire the viewer. Watching someone in similar circumstances do something good, validates the thought of the viewer that they too can make a positive difference.

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Art for animal welfare awareness at Bandra railway station

Art for animal welfare awareness at Bandra railway station, an Initiative by Foundation for Mumbai Animals


Aarti Naik, the SAKHI who sows the seeds of education in Mumbai slums

Aarti Naik is the founder SAKHI for Girls’ Education, a community-based learning centre that started in 2008. She won the Femina Women's Award 2017 in education field for her organisation 'SAKHI'. Aarti is herself, born and brought up in a slum area located in Mulund, Mumbai.


What is Human Library Mumbai?

From shattering preconceived notions to smashing out stereotypes and breaking prejudices about others, there's a lot that people have to say about Humans Library Mumbai! Above all, it's about socialising in person more than on social media, understanding each other to experience empathy and compassion. Here it out directly from the founder of Human Library Mumbai, the human books and the listeners/readers who attended the event.


The singing gynaecologist of Thane

What happens when you follow your passion, and it helps others improve their daily lives? Yes, you definitely improve in the hobby, but more importantly, you also start living a stress busting lifestyle.


Arundhati Mhatre, Mumbai's nature magnet

Arundhati Mhatre, is the founder of Arenya. Arenya started as a bird shelter and bird feeder provider, but today works more on awareness raising amongst city dwellers on how to bring nature close to their homes in cosmopolitan cities.  


Urmi Foundation, a bracing wave of hope for Mumbai's indigent special children

Taking real life nobility to the next level, Urmi Foundation is an NGO that works towards improving the lives of slum children who are born special.


Dr. Deepa Katyal, Mumbai's super vet

Being a veterinarian by profession, Dr. Deepa Katyal is highly compassionate about animals. What makes her different though, is the fact that, throughout her two-decade-long journey as a vet, she has adopted many animals with serious health conditions. Watch and find out what makes her so passionate about serving animals!

Nimesh Tanna, a deceased son who feeds more than 100 senior citizens in Mumbai 

After losing their 23-year-old son in a train accident, parents of Nimesh Tanna started 'Shree Nimesh Tanna charitable trust' for senior citizens. They provide free tiffin service for old age people living in times of despair. Here's a story that represents the power of hope, as being one of the primary triggers that can take you out from the darkest phases of your life.